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Reservoir Political Wrong-doing

In Hurricane ravaged Louisiana, drowning in water and political corruption, money flows like water to build 14 new Reservoirs.
Gov. Kathleen Blanco supports waste of a Billion dollars to build Reservoirs with over 150 Natural and 30 Man-made existing lakes.
Self-serving Politicians using Eminent Domain and tax money to build reservoirs are realizing personal gain by selling Lakefront lots.
Legislator Developer Rep. Francis C. Thompson has Lakefront lots for sale at Poverty Point Reservoir a Louisiana State Park.

Economic Development is used as a means of Political Wrongdoing.
A traveling Reservoir Salesman is going from parish to parish promoting
Economic Development Lakes for $100,000 a year per lake consulting fee.

The Salesman is Rep. Francis C. Thompson’s brother Michael L. Thompson,
in real estate, former Mayor of Delhi, Gov. Kathleen Blanco's transition team member, and former business partner of Parish Engineer Terry D. Denmon.

Mike Thompson is so-called Reservoir governmental consultant for Allen,
Washington, Morehouse, Caldwell, and LaSalle parishes, and proposed
Reservoir projects in western Ouachita, Jackson, and Lincoln parishes.

Rep. Francis Thompson seems to be helping his brother and Lake building friend
Denmon of Denmon Engineering by creating Reservoirs in Richland, Ouachita,
Allen, Caldwell, Morehouse, promoting them in Washington, and other Parishes.
There was $41,975,000 approved for 12 new reservoirs in 2004.

Poverty Point Reservoir created 1992 by Rep. Francis Thompson, built by
Denmon with Michael Thompson as Director, and now director of Golf Course.

The keyed gate entry project began by Legislator Developers as private enterprise
has cost taxpayers $40 Million Dollars with $3.5 Million approved for 2005.

A 2002 Audit, shows Taxpayers paid 1.2 million to develop the island lots at
Poverty Point Reservoir sold for $621,200 dollars to Thompson's neighbor.

Audit also shows Taxpayers paid 2.2 Million for keyed gate entry private
to the lots, and .3 million for an office protection system or burgler alarm.

Legislator Developer Thompson’s CYPRESS COVE AT POVERTY POINT-LLC,
and his next-door neighbor are realizing personal gain selling Lakefront lots.

Rep. Thompson passed House Bill 1136 in 2001 allowing sale of land taken by
Eminent Domain to Third Party without first offering to sell back to original owner.
Self-serving Legislation allowing personal gain by sale of property taken.

Are these lots the 26 pieces of property taken  by Eminent Domain?
Misuse of Eminent Domain, taking homes for Lakefront lots, recreation and
Golf Courses is placing undue hardship on some for pleasure and gain of others.

Reservoirs will take churches, homes of old and poor, desecrate cemeteries,
destroy wildlife and endangered species, and collect mercury polluted water.

Brant L. Thompson, Francis Thompson son is on Poverty Point Commission.
Mike Thompson’s Commerce Industry Board position is also questionable.
Nepotism, Cronyism, conflicts of interest, and ethics violations seem to exist.

Is Denmon Engineering, always selected contractor, a possible violation
of open bidding law due to HCR60 by Francis Thompson in 2003?
Denmon, and Thompson both serve on Aquaculture Advisory Council.

Is Denmon Vice Chairman of Wildlife and Fisheries a conflict of interest
since they control the Scenic Streams, and Wildlife-Endangered Species?
Denmon’s Lake site selections are destroying wildlife he is supposed to protect.

Other Thompson Legislation, developers may set up Political subdivisions,
Economic Development Retirement Communities with Eminent Domain power
to take property, taxing exempt, use taxpayers money, and make a profit.
State owned Hotels & Condominiums are proposed for Poverty Point Lake.

Poverty Point is promoted as model lake producing 100 million gallons water a
month, and costing 26 Million Dollars. Did Denmon miscalculate the watershed?

The 2002 Audit shows .9 million for Pumping station, Wells, and Water intake.
DOTD well files show Poverty Point still uses 4 large-bore16-inch Groundwater
Wells of 17 Mississippi Alluvial aquifer Wells for water supply to the lake.
Does 2 pumps import water 60 miles from Lake Chicot, Lake Village Arkansas?

The 8 Million income comment by Mike Thompson in 2001 is questionable,
not finished or opened until 2002. Audit states lake has 2 employees.

Lakes may create some temporary construction, and a few minimum wage jobs.
No studies done, and Lake Providence Poorest Place In America is an
example that Lakes provide no Economic Development, or lasting jobs.
Some officials seem to be interested in their own Economic Development.

By any means necessary, Lake is built, or not, Michael Thompson receives
money for project duration. Denmon receives $800,000 for site selection report.
It seems Denmon, Thompson, and Legislator Developers are continuing year
after year to create more Reservoirs to receive and waste taxpayer’s money.

Rep. Francis Thompson is in real estate as MACON RIDGE DEVELOPMENT,LLC.
Article Phantom Riches about Thompson's businees partner Lev Dawson: says,
"They're crooks and swindlers." Dawson also owns Dawson Farms.

Moon Griffon of KMLB talk radio boldly speaks on Political Wrong Doing.
Moon was threatened to stop talking about Lakes and Reservoirs, but
Moon is digging in, and continues talking about Reservoir Rage & Nasty Threats.

Chad Rogers of La News And Politics is writing articles
on his website, and also talking about Reservoir wrong doing on WJBO Radio.

Is Rep. Francis C.Thompson in violation of Louisiana State Constitution?
Legislative office is a public trust, and every effort to realize personal gain
through official conduct is a violation of that trust.

Unchristian taking of homes, churches, and desecration of cemeteries is a travesty.
Should old and poor suffer to build wealthy Lakefront retirement communities?
Should taxpayers spend $40 to $50 million a lake to make developers wealthy?

These great Real Estate deals are currently being brought to you by our
Economic Development Policy, and the use of our Taxpayer's money.
Come and live in Louisiana, where your Property Rights are not respected?

This may seem to be Politics as usual in the State of Louisiana.
Let us investigate this matter so it doesn't soil the image of our great state.


Joke of Louisiana Political Profiteering - Bayou-Buzz Louisiana Eminent Domain Corruption U-TUBE MOVIE
C.P.A. Public Service Websites


Pressure Rising for Man-Made Lakes

Allen Parish reservoir backers ready for permitting process to begin

Wrong doing: American Press News

Is Man-Made Lakes worth cost

Army Corps to make recommendation on Reservoir site

Concerns over proposed reservoirs voiced

Rep. Hill:  Reservoir not worth destroying homes

Wrong doing exposed: Gannett News

Reservoir Money

12 New Reservoirs $41,975,000 in 2004

Poverty Point Reservoir 40 Million Dollars

14 New Reservoirs 77.5 Million in 2005

Wrong doing Documents

Wrong-doing Documents List

Links to the Corporations

Settlers Point Lots for Sale

List of all Reservoir Audits

Banks & Directors of Poverty Point

Reservoir Information

Reservoir Legislation 1997 to 2005

U.S.G.S Ground-water use by aquifer

Where Louisiana has reservoirs

Over 150 Natural Lakes 30 man-made lakes


Sparta Aquifer needs help-not in the form of lakes

Toledo Bend waits to meet its potential

Don't waste our tax money on reservoirs

Money flows like water for New Reservoirs in 2005

Abusing right of eminent domain

Power grab in name of development

La home of Gov. Edwards, in Huey P. Long's
(the Kingfish) hometown, and proud of
ranking 2nd in political corruption the

Political Hall of Shame welcomes Thompson

House Bill 1136 in 2001

Allegations of Theft at Poverty Point Reservoir

New Details Poverty Point Scandal 10/19/05

Poverty Point Secretary Free on BOND 10/20/05

Update Theft total over $170,000 and rising,
Is Mike Thompson also involved?

Poverty Point Reservoir District Audit

Francis T. Thompson

Political contributions for Delhi, La

11 minute Video L.P.B. Reservoir Project

13 Minute Waste-Money VIDEO
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Allen Parish Reservoir

Allen Parish Reservoir created 1st Extraordinary Session 2002, House
Bill 156 Act 163, by Rep. Hill, Sen. Hines, & Rep. Francis C. Thompson
with Michael L. Thompson as Lake Director, and Denmon Engineering.

On May 25, 2004 Pros, cons of new lake discussed at Police Jury meeting.
Many attending knew nothing of reservoir, and Lake Commission building had
to be bird-dogged because public notices of meeting  were not printed.

Upset Residents attended June1, 2004 meeting were told, no property taken at
Poverty Point Reservoir, but news article showed 26 pieces of property taken.
Public notices were finally published for 2003 and 2004 on July 15, 2004.

The proposed sites united, and created Community Preservation Alliance.
On July 19, 2004 Lake Development would ruin Creeks generated interest, and
a press release was arranged. American Press Residents upset over Lake, and
Town Talk Up a Creek Under a Lake is Articles by attending Newspapers.

The C.P.A proposed and voted to start an investigation into the Reservoir.

Reading Town Talk article, 73 year old Ouachita Parish resident contacted
C.P.A, and attended meeting. Her property at Choudrant was 1 of 11 sites, and
battled with Michael Thompson in 1999. Thompson, traveling Lake Salesman
is back again promoting more Lakes in Ouachita and Lincoln Parish.

Conferring with Elona Weston of Lake Charles American Press, Who also
did more investigation, Army Corps to make recommendation on Reservoir site,
Alliance Alleges Wrongdoing, Concerns over proposed reservoirs voiced, and
Hill: Reservoir not worth destroying homes was resulting articles.
On day of last Article C.P.A. Letter to Gov. Blanco was emailed to Gov. Blanco,
every office at capitol, and all Legislators in Louisiana.

Two days later C.P.A was notified of selection, Reservoir Plan expected today,
and Least Objectionable site picked for Allen reservoir.
Terry Denmon of Denmon Engineering said, “Mill Creek was the best choice
for reservoir, and he was staking his reputation on it”.

C.P.A contacted Washington Parish Residents as Francis Thompson promoted
Site work, and Reservoir group told to think big, long term by so-called
Expert Thompson who is now Lake Director with Denmon as Engineer.

Sierra Club joins effort to stop proposed man-made lake, Allen and Washington
Parish attended L.E.A.N conference on10/02/04 with Darryl Malek-Wiley, and
Randy Lancot. Wildlife group wants Blanco to rethink Lake Proposition, and
has sent L.W.F Letter, and L.W.F. Resolution to Gov. Blanco.

Sierra Club Resolution adopted by Delta Chapter Sierra Club Oct 17, 2004.
On 10/29/04 Sierra Club chapter opposes proposed lakes in American Press,
and Sierra Club also sent a letter to Gov. Blanco to review Reservoir policy.

Cash Budget 2005 is $38,903.38 with Thompson’s girlfriend from Delhi
receiving $9,000 to keep minutes of about 3 meetings a year, and $25,403.38
for Miscellaneous. Items like paper clips? Total Expenses is exactly $38,903.38.

It seems $800,000 wasn’t enough, and Denmon did more testing on Mill Creek
in spring of 2005. Thompson said, “May file for permit in September”.

Update Allen Parish Reservoir Meeting 6/28/2006

Allen Parish reservoir backers ready for permitting process to begin 8/08/2006


Update Allen Parish Reservoir Meeting 6/28/2006


opponents voice disappointment with state

Lake Projects Smack of Louisiana Politics

Jurors behind reservoir proposal

Reservoir, plant stir excitement in Allen Parish

Reservoir Study in Works 1/16/05

Lake could be big economic boon

Reservoir opponents attend jury meeting

Recomended Links

Sierra Club Website

L.E.A.N. Website

Louisiana Wildlife Federation


Washington Parish Hardcopy

The Dead Pelican La. News & Politics

Moon Griffon Website

La Legislature

CASTLE COALITION   Eminent Domain Abuse


Opinion on proposed Reservoir sought

Proposed Hearing on Allen Parish Reservoir Canceled

Lake planned for Allen-but the question is where

Budget Allen Parish Reservoir

Capital outlay

Reservoir Closer to Reality

Allen Parish waits for governor to grant reservoir district

special session allen Reservoir passes

Special session allen reservoir

Special session allen Cameron

Panel OKs Allen reservoir district

APPJ reservoir 2/20/2002

appj 1/07/2001

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Washington Parish Reservoir

Self serving Legislator Developers are proposing the desecration of 5 Cemeteries,
taking of Churches and Homes, to sell Lakefront lots and build Retirement homes.

Washington Parish Reservoir proposed for Recreation-Tourism by SCR 158
in 2001 was created by Senate Bill 475 Act 71 in 2003 Regular Session by
Sen. Jerry Thomas, Rep. Ben Nevers, and Rep. Mike Strain.

Michael L. Thompson traveling Reservoir salesman, and so-called Expert is
$100,000 a year Lake Director telling Reservoir Group “think big long term”.
Thompson’s crony, Denmon is site selection Engineer, and lake builder.

In Bogalusa Daily News Site work Rep. Francis Thompson spent 2 hours
using Poverty Point as a model to promote Washington Parish reservoir.
He said, “be prepared for opposition, and no property sized at Poverty Point”.
Mike Thompson said, “26 pieces of property taken by Eminent Domain”.
They say this and that.

Sen. Ben Nevers attending meeting with Thompson speaks on reservoir
amendments because of residents pressure, and Thompson’s House Bill 1136.

Sen. Jerry Thomas arrested at adult bookstore in Wrong place to shop and
disappoints his constituents.

Did Elected officials and Lake Commission influence, or know lake site to be
selected, and buying, or own land? Are the Thompson’s also involved?

Elected officials and Lake Commission may gain financially from the Reservoir.
Nevers was previous owner of businesses like COUNTRY STOP MARINE, LLC
Rumors say, “money borrowed, transferred to his son, and Bankruptcy filed”.

NEVERS ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING would benefit from building Lakefront
Retirement Communities. Ben Nevers Jr. owns dirt moving CALTHOM-LLC
La. tourism’s 2004 Website was promoting Washington Reservoir Retirement.

Sen. Nevers, and Lake Commission member Charles E. Mizell co-partner
ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS-LLC. An endless list of Corporations.

Reservoir Commissioner Louie Creel’s LANDWORKS-LLC is Choctaw
Landfill located at Site 2, the Oak Grove Community.

benefit from digging up graves of Cemeteries to be desecrated at Oak Grove.
Citizens guilty of desecration of a cemetery would be subject to a $500 fine
and six months in jail.

Washington Parish Act-71 has Retirement Communities section, but most
are copy and paste of others with broad powers to sue, be sued, tax, buy, sell,
create economic development corp. take property without asking by using
Expropriation, and Do and perform any and all things.

That is absolute power, which corrupts absolutely. It is no wonder La ranks 2nd
in political corruption, and maybe because Blanco says challenge criticism of state.
Is Governor wants to counter negative references to state allowing corruption?

Blanco and Comm. discuss Reservoir possibilities in Thompson’s Hometown.
Thompson and Denmon contributed to her campaign, and on transition team.
Gov. Blanco months later, sent residents a generic reply to their letters.

Jan 5th Site selection at Washington Economic Development Foundation with
Website saying, “Parish has abundant water supply”, a Lake site was chosen.

Comm. announced, “Residents may not speak, comment deadline extended,
but haven’t received any, and only scientific facts considered”.
Comm. refused registered letters 9 times, and wouldn’t meet with residents saying,
in pushing for the Reservoir  “We will not be ruled by emotion, and praying for
divine guidance”. Wealthy developers pray to a green god named money.

Reservoir site named is site 2 the Oak Grove Community with Churches and
ancestral homes to be taken, and possible 5 of 11  Cemeteries be desecrated.
Sierra Club Press Release reassured residents Sierra Club will fight reservoir.

On Mar 3rd Lawsuit filed, and Washington Parish Reservoir District sued for
violation of open meeting law.

Reservoir hearing Tuesday May 3rd and 4th, residents lose first round.
Judge dismisses lawsuit by ruling the13 Witness testifying and hundreds people
present were emotional, heard wrong, and can’t believe what’s in Newspapers.

In an attempt to appease residents, and save face, Sen. Nevers in 2005 files
Senate-Bill 278, and Rep. Ritchie also file House-Bill 518 to limit Land Grab.
After Lake is built, an Economic Development Corp can still take property.

At Transportation Committee Hearing on May 17th is Rep. Ritchie in Funeral
Business heard laughing about digging up graves
in Oak Grove Community?
One ancestral Cemetery has over 300 graves, and veterans of many wars.

Nevers testified June 1st Transportation hearing reservoir is wanted and needed.
Bogue Chitto State Park already has10 lakes, and receiving $ 13,990,000 in 2005.

Residents spoke in opposition, in order to go on record because of no public input.
Information on 11 Cemeteries submitted included civil war veterans buried in
Rester Cemetery, and Petition with over 1100 names against Reservoir.

Nevers and Ritchie say, “they want the Reservoir for Recreation, and Economic
Development of building Lakefront homes”, but are unable to answer when asked,
“name jobs created other than a few minimum wage and temporary construction”.

Nevers, Ritchie, and Lake Comm. need to consider, Unchristian taking of homes,
Churches, desecration of Cemeteries, and stop “coveting thy neighbor’s house”.

Washington Parish doesn’t need this Reservoir, and State’s Budget can’t afford it.
It’s all about Land speculation, Politics, Money, and Corruption.

Total $ 5,025,000 approved for 2005

Read script or Listen to Jalon speak at Bond Commission 10/20/05

Reservoir District AUDIT 2005

Reservoir Funding 1.7 million for Washington Parish Reservoir 11/2/05

Washington Parish council

Reservoir Commission 2004 Audit

Reservoir Concerns our Tax Money

History of the Bouey Moore Place

Citizens concerned by legislation 8/1/05

Washington Parish Concil Minutes

Proposed Reservoir Would Force Relocation of Historical Graves

Dear Legislator: a prayer to amend Legislation



Flier apparently hit nerve at Capitol 5/9/05

Script: WBOX No Reservoir Broadcast 5/08/05

Intimidation? 4/30/05 Fliers & Sen. Nevers

Sen. Nevers the Intimidator is Intimidated

Washington Parish Legislation Changed 4/15/05

When the dam breaks 4/14/05

Reader claims reservoir letters not published 4/01/05

Speaking Out On The Reservoir 3/28/05

Oak Grove residents debate reservoir plans 3/18/05

Reservoir Act a Land Grab 3/13/05

Reservoir District sued 3/13/05


Lawsuit filed against Reservoir District

Reservoir is unnecessary 2/28/05

Oak Grove Resident's Plea for Help

Reservoir questions 2/28/05

Eminent domain on the docket 2/24/05

Reservoir steps still needed

Plenty of study still needed on reservoir

Reservoir study yet to be begin 1/30/05

Abusing right of eminent domain Hammond Star

Who really benefits from Washington Parish Lake

Oak Grove Community site 2 (3310 acre) map

Save the Pushepetappa Web Site

Pushepatappa Group site 3 Thank You

Washington Story

Reservoir Site Named & What's next step 1/07/05

Map of Site 2

Reservoir Report Tomorrow 1/04/05

Reservoir debate, ambulance wars topped

Reservoir Decision Near 12/28/04

Poverty Point Reservoir a Failure

Residents oppose Expropriation

Not all support plans for reservoir

Benefits of a reservoir 12/06/04 Taxes

Poverty Point Concerns

The Cost of the Reservoir

Reservoir touted as source for water

Looking at Poverty Point

Commission will hear findings

The road to a reservoir

Water Act regulates reservoirs

Reservoir Possibilities

Reader shares fears about reservoir

Sierra Club opposes plans for local reservoir

Reservoir proposed in St. Tammany

Reservoir opponents respond to commission

Opposing view of proposed reservoir location

Expert Mike Thompson 11/1/02

Officials want to study economic effect of reservoir

W-STE makes donation to reservoir project

think big long term 7/17/02 Mike Thompson

Site work 4/11/02 Francis Thompson

Reservoir group begins research, planning

Reservoir planning begins looking for funding

Reservoir studying 1/30/02

Resolution 6/18/01

News paper Archive

Eminent Domain Reservoir Concerns

Washington Parish Re-Election Poll

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Morehouse Parish Reservoir

New Morehouse Reservoir Created Sen. Bill 829 ACT 233 in 2003 by
Rep. Francis C. Thompson, Sen. Robert J. Barham, and Rep. Charles Mcdonald.

A $10,000 Local Match with $670,000 Payable from General Obligation Bonds.
Capital outlay 2005 lists $750,000 for New Morehouse Reservoir, and $500,000
for Plum Crest Lake. Is this a mistake or is there 2 new Reservoirs?

News 1/28/05 Gov. Blanco Appoints Lake Commission Members, and
Mike Thompson is the $100,000 a year Lake Consultant.

Richard Patrick on Lake Comm. is with Macon Ridge Economic Development,
and also President of Morehouse Economic Development Corporation.
Patrick seems to be involved with the Thompson's and moving from Ferriday to
Delhi with Hammett furious over move.

Foes of proposed reservoire hope to have voice, meet and organize on 3/16/05.
Lake foes voice concerns before parish Police Jury on 4/13/05.

Sen. Bill 47 by SEN. BARHAM 2005 Regular Session Amends Legislation
because of Residents pressure about Thompson House Bill 1136.

Click for more...

Total $750,000 approved in 2005

Residents Letters to Editor

Morehouse Parish Reservoir

Morehouse Parish Lake Commission

Morehouse Parish Police Jury

Permit process will provide answers Mike Thompson

Idea of tax for lake work not well received

State Parks people get lake progress report

Next phase of lake work nears completion

Lake commission inquiry ends

Jurors attempt to put hold on lake commission

Lake commission sworn in

Mike Thompson excited about Poverty Point

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Ouachita Parish Reservoir

West Ouachita Reservoir Created House Bill 1587 Act 724 of 2003 by Rep.
Francis C. Thompson, Rep. Michael A. Walsworth, & Sen. Noble E. Ellington,
Money Appropriated to date is ($275,000 Local Match from Ouachita Parish)
and $700,000 Payable from General Obligation Bonds.

Denmon Engineering has also recently been selected to provide site selection and
all planning, engineering. Estimated Project Cost: $25 million.

Jury OKs steps in funding reservoir October 17, 2000
By JOHNNY GUNTER The Ouachita Parish Police Jurytook steps Monday night to secure funding to study the possibility of constructing a potable water supply reservoir in the western part of the parish. Jurors agreed to allow Denmon Engineering of Monroe to file an application with the state for capital outlay funding. District B Juror Mack Calhoun said the Tensas Basin Levee Board has been asked to contribute $80,000 toward the study.

Gov. Blanco appoints Lake Comm. for West Quachita Parish 3/24/05
Mike Thompson can now become Consultant for Quachita Parish Reservoir
He became Consultant for Morehouse once the Lake Comm. was appointed.

Total approved $700,000 in 2005

West Ouachita Reservoir Project will be under new management 4/19/05

West Ouachita Parish Reservoir Commission

Quachita Parish Police Jury

Choudrant mayor wants a lake near his village

Monroe Newsstar List A brief discription list of Articles about Poverty Point, and other lakes.
A history that Shows, date filled with water, when opened, update about Caldwell Parish, etc.

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Caldwell Parish Reservoir

Bayou DeChene Reservoir Created House Bill 1635 Act 1135 of 1995 by
Sen. Thompson, and Rep. Ellington with Michael L. Thompson as Lake Director.

From 1995 to Sept 4, 2003 $6,350,000.00 was spent to get to the permit stage.
On Sept 19, 2003  Rep. Lelon Kenney and Michael Thompson presented
L.D.W.F a check for 793,100 to pay for litigation of land taken.

What happened with the other $5,556,900.00 dollars for this small 1100 acre lake. Thompson salary is about $100,000 a year x 9 = $900,000. Denmon says the overall project is estimated to cost approximately $12 million dollars.

Caldwell lake work may begin next year July 18, 2004
Plan would put 4,000 acres to use By Robbie Evans
Construction on northeastern Louisiana's newest lake could begin as early as next year. Once land acquisition is completed, construction on the project could likely begin in 2005, said environmental consultant Mike Thompson of Delhi. "We're still finishing up survey work for the...

Click for more...

Total approved $ 10,315,000 in 2005

Bayou Dechene Army Corp of Engineers Permit

L.D.W.F. Accepts funds for Reservoir mitigation

Bayou-Dechene-Fishing & Hunting-News

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Lincoln Parish Reservoir

Created House Bill 123 by Rep.DOWNS  & GALLOT Regular Session 2005. Reservoir group meets Feb 08, 2005, and Lincoln reps to propose lake.

Michael L. Thompson, traveling Lake Salesman promoted Lake, and seemed
to be able to fool Rep. Downs, but wasn't able to fool all the people.
Mike Thompson By any means necessary didn't fool The Ruston Daily Leader.

Former Sen. Bill Jones says, "Sparta Aquifer needs help-not in the form of lakes",
and Jones concerned over HB123.

Aquifer situation needs truthful help , and Lincoln reservoir opinions sought,
but Rep. Downs doesn't seem to be listening to his constitutents.
Downs seems to be listening to the Thompsons, and fooling himself by supporting House Bill 388 that will prevent action to save the Sparta Aquifer.

Water, water everywhere 08-26-2005

Legislators leave constituents behind 07-17-2005

Sparta might keep 'critical' label 07-14-2005

Gallot asks Blanco to veto HB 388 07-01-2005

Sparta vote a deep wound; salt comes later

Survey results send message to legislators 6/19/05

Sparta Awareness Day success despite weather

House OKs bill for Lincoln reservoir 5/12/05

Sparta's critical status gets delay 4/29/05

Sparta free-for-all finished 4/28/05

LPPJ will study feasibility of lake 3/9/05

Sparta Comm in debate over critical designation

Meeting jumpstarts reservoir plans 10/03/04

Letter to Lincoln Parish

Lincoln reservoir met with resistance 11/08/04

Lincoln Lake has Potential 8/27/04

Lincoln eyes new Reservoir 8/19/04

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Jackson Parish Reservoir

Created House Bill 596 2005 regular session by Rep. Jim Fannin, D-Jonesboro.
Fannin seems to be one of Thompson's Reservoir dogs.

Thompson's gang is using Sparta Aquifer as an excuse to build Reservoirs, and
seems to want the Aquifer problem to continue.

The gang created  House Bill 388 Act 225 changing sparta's critical label to an
area of ground water concern, and preventing action to save Aquifer.
They seem to be using political correct labels to fool themselves.

Authors of HB388 are Fannin, Sen. Bob Kostelka, R-Monroe, and co-authors
on other Reservoirs with Thompson are Rep.Walsworth Ouachita Reservoir, and
Rep. Charles Mcdonald of Morehouse Reservoir.
Rep. Hollis Downs of Lincoln Reservoir also supported legislation.

Reservoir dogs wagging the Legislature

Jackson Parish water reservoir bill passes 6/7/05

Labels won't help Sparta 5/28/05

Bill to create panels for Jackson, Lincoln reservoirs advances

Lawmakers may draft compromise for Sparta 3/14/05

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Claiborne Parish Reservoir

Providing for the Claiborne Parish Watershed were House Bill 950 ACT 390
in 2004, and HB280 in 2005 by Rep. GALLOT.

Rep. Gallot is co-author of Lincoln Reservoir, but now seems to be listening to
his constitutents by asking Gov. Blanco to veto Sparta label bill 388 in 2005.

Claiborne Parish Middlefork Reservoir Feasibility Study and Planning Payable
from General Obligation Bonds of $ 100,000 in 2003 and 2004.

Job deficit prompts migration, and a continuing decline in Population.
Poverty Point Lake a failure because Lakes don't produce jobs, but some folks
seem to be smoking something, and had  A Vision For A Better Tomorrow.

"With tourism and retirement as basic industries we wish to attract them as
permanent residents.
Each retired couple is equivalent to securing three new factory jobs.
We have the potential to construct as many as 10 additional lakes to impound
water runoff from approximately two thirds of the watershed area in the parish."
What have they been smoking?

Click for more...

Group seeks to build lakes with no state money

Lake proposed to quench Sparta

Critical Designation For Sparta Essential 6/23/05

Alternate 4 (2&3)Gains Support 5/05/05

Lake Delegation Travels To Capitol 11/18/04

Claiborne, Webster Juries Hold Joint Meeting 9/16/04

Flat Lick Lake Project Discussed At Meeting In Ruston 8/12/04

Flat Lick Lake Dr. James Robert Michael 8/5/04

Where Do Economy, Retirees Fit In I-69 Plan? 5/27/04

Jury Moves Ahead On Multi-Parish Lake Project 2/12/04

Visions Meeting Prompts Support For Sales Tax Election 8/21/03

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Other New Reservoirs

Catahoula Parish Chalk Hills Reservoir with $20,000,000 listed in 2005
capital outlay. Sponsored by the Catahoula Parish Police Jury.

Winn Parish
Port Deluce, Reservoir With $9,600,000 listed in 2005
capital outlay. Sponsored by the City of Winnfield.

LaSalle Parish
Castor Creek - Little River Reservoir at Olla with $1,500,000.
Sen Bill 379  Reg Session 2001 By Sen. Nobel Ellington & Mike Smith
Money listed from 1997 to 2004 is $6,040,000.00 before 50/MM5 OLLA, La.

Mike Thompson is $100,000 a year lake consultant for LaSalle Parish.

Plum Crest Lake Planning & Construction 50/J35 NATCHITOCHES
PARISH. Payable from General Obligation Bonds (Morehouse) $500,000.

Union Bayou DeLoutre Reservoir $35,000-2004, $35,000-2003,
$37,500-2002 ($37,500 Local Match) with Total $107,000.000

$21,600,000 approved for 2005

12 new reservoirs in 2004

14 New Reservoirs 77.5 Million in 2005

Castor Creek Fiscal Note - SB379 Enrolled

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Army Corp of Engineers Permits

National Registry of historic places

Institute for Justice

Tulane Environmental Law

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The Dead Pelican Louisiana News And Politics

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National Dam Safety Program

Dam-Reservoir Info & impact Archive

Environmental, Social and Economic Impacts of Dams

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High court will decide when cities may seize private land

Groups in other States Opposing Lakes

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